Ep. 57 September End-of-Month Update and film Extremis

  In today’s episode Dr. Wyatt thanks 3 new supporters on Patreon.com/eolu: Joan Roellchen-Pfohl, RN Martha Johnson – author of the upcoming book “Take Charge of the Rest of Your Life”; learn more at http://www.meetmarthajohnson.com Marggie Hatala –… Read More

Ep. 56 End-of-Life Book Showcase!

In this episode Dr. Karen Wyatt highlights several excellent books about the end of life that have been sent to her by their authors. If you have considered starting an end-of-life book club (as mentioned in Episode 33) you’ll… Read More

Ep. 55 How to Talk to Your Healthcare Provider About Your End-of-Life Wishes

Today Dr. Karen Wyatt discusses how to start an end-of-life planning conversation with your healthcare provider. She suggests the following: Don’t wait for your provider to bring it up – initiate the conversation yourself Schedule a dedicated appointment… Read More

Ep. 54 Film: Love in Our Own Time with Tom Murray

Join Dr. Karen Wyatt and her guest Tom Murray, director of the beautiful feature-length documentary Love in Our Own Time. They will discuss the making of this film, which follows the lives of ordinary Australians as they face the big… Read More